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This Is Criminal

This Is Criminal

When it comes to abortion, the mantra is individual choice. The premise is that since a woman's body belongs to the individual, then the individual has the unfettered right to choose what to do with her own body. The woman's perceived self-interest, whatever that may be in choosing to get an abortion, reigns supreme and outweighs all other factors.

That same principle however does not apply to vaccine rights, i.e., the right to refuse the jab to one's own body. If the premise is true that a person's body belongs to the individual, then the person has the unfettered right to also choose to decline the vaccine. If the person perceives that it's in his/her self-interest to not get jabbed, then that individual's personal choice outweighs all other factors. The distinction between abortion and the jab however is that the latter was framed and presented to the general public as a matter of public health safety. The former on the other hand, is relegated to an individual's decision and is not perceived as a matter of public health and safety. That would ring true except for the fact that since abortion was legalized in the USA, it's estimated that some 60 million babies have lost their lives – exponentially more deaths than the lives lost to Covid-19 – which certainly qualifies abortion as a public health issue. Ironically, getting jabbed was thought to prevent transmission of the disease from one human being to another which turned out to be false as jabbed people can just as easily infect others as non-jabbed people, so it's no longer a matter of protecting the public's health. However, the right to an abortion is the ultimate public health issue because the procedure always results in the harming/death of another human being.

Since getting jabbed is no longer a public safety issue and only prevents the worsening of the illness, should it not then be left to the individual to decide whether the risks associated with getting jabbed outweigh the possibility of contracting the disease with perhaps less severe symptoms? Doesn't that make it a matter of personal choice? Yet many employers still require the jab as a condition of employment. Common sense is absent; hypocrisy reigns.

The video below illustrates the contorted thinking of an authority figure in charge of airline safety who still promotes the vaccine as the only solution to dealing with Covid-19 despite the mounting evidence that the vaccine causes more damage than good. She instead turns a blind eye to the current problem and disregards the potential for further adverse consequences down the road. In doing so, she has abdicated her responsibility for ensuring the safety of airline travel.