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We are living in a dystopian world.

Dystopia: A futuristic, imagined universe in which oppressive societal control and the illusion of a perfect society are maintained through corporate, bureaucratic, technological, moral, or totalitarian control.

The problem all of us face, is that the future is here and what was once imagined, is now our reality.

Ecclesiastes Chapter 4

1Again I saw all the oppressions that are done under the sun. And behold, the tears of the oppressed, and they had no one to comfort them! On the side of their oppressors there was power, and there was no one to comfort them. 2And I thought the dead who are already dead more fortunate than the living who are still alive. 3But better than both is he who has not yet been and has not seen the evil deeds that are done under the sun.

9Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. 10For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! 11Again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone? 12And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

These verses in Ecclesiastes are descriptive of what society and much of the world have morphed into. Lock-downs, government mandates, censorship of information, and the loss of personal freedoms have resulted in "tears of the oppressed" and "no one to comfort them." Fear, uncertainty, helplessness, and futility have arisen in the hearts and minds of people.

However, in verses 9-12 we have the remedy to this rising trend of hopelessness and despair that has crept into our lives. Just as a piece of rope is made much stronger by braiding it together with three strands instead of just one, hope in our lives is strengthened when we all come together as one rope. Like the cords of a rope, we must learn to work together and support each other.  To do this, we must understand what the Bible says about the times in which we live and comprehend what is required of us; both individually and collectively. People are searching for answers.  This blog is where I share my thoughts regarding how we might accomplish this as we learn to navigate our way through this new world order.

Read the featured articles first in order to understand what this blog is all about.  My posts are categorized into three sections which can generally be described as (1) what's happening in this world, (2) Bible in relation to what's happening, and (3) how this all practically applies to you and me.