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How the Covid Test Rules the World

How the Covid Test Rules the World

Our world doesn't revolve around the sun. It revolves around the Covid test. The Covid test determines the number of "cases," which in turn determines the extent of the "pandemic," which in turn determines the level of support for masking, social distancing, government mandates, and vaccinations. Our daily lives are directly affected in one way or another by the accuracy of the Covid test. If the Covid test is fraudulent, then the pandemic is fraudulent and the house of cards that we have been living in for the past two years comes crashing down.

Filmmaker Rai Gbrym produced a new documentary that exposes the fraud of the PCR-based Covid test. He posted it on YouTube and it started to gain traction but it was censored by Google and stricken from YouTube. Here is the video that Google does not want you to see.

Liar, liar, skirt on fire...the truth is now out.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director, Rochelle Walensky, in an ABC News interview, admitted that the Covid tests do not work and are inaccurate "as we know that PCRs can stay positive up to twelve weeks." She admitted that a continued (false) positive result from the test over a period of several weeks would result in prolonged and unnecessary isolation times for those who test positive. Thus the CDC now recommends only five days of isolation followed by five days of mask-wearing.

It's obvious by now that the CDC's recommendations can no longer be trusted as they change as often as the shifting wind. Walensky admits that the Covid test is inaccurate, if not downright fraudulent. The Covid test produces false-positive results resulting in an inflated number of cases which feeds the narrative of a worldwide pandemic that calls for everyone on the planet to get vaccinated.

With all of that science together, we moved forward with isolation recommendations of five days of isolation followed by five days in a mask.
Now the question of why we didn’t include a test there is simply because we know that PCRs can stay positive for up to 12 weeks. So we would have people in isolation for a very long time if we were relying on PCRs.

For the whole time, we were told that the Covid test was accurate. The CDC now admits that the PCR test is not accurate, and yet people are still urged to get tested. The so-called pandemic was created by an unreliable test which has caused societal upheaval. The supposed cure was the jab which has demonstrated itself to be ineffective in preventing the acquisition of the disease or transmitting it to others. Boosters are now required in order to be considered as "fully vaccinated."

Are you beginning to see the forest for the trees now? We have been duped. The Covid tests are the trees that prevent us from seeing the whole forest which is about government control, destroying individual freedoms, and the destruction of society as we know it – in order to make room for the New World Order. If you are now able to see that big picture, consider yourself to be no longer lost in the woods.