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Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil

Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil
Photo by Paulette Vautour / Unsplash

The silent majority hears no evil, speaks no evil, and sees no evil. These are sins of omission that sustain the Covid coverup and keep giving it life. There is a judgment day yet to come but in the meantime, individuals who are in a position to do so must stop acquiescing and speak up.

One such individual is an RN of 17 years, Colleen Martin who is a hospital nurse in Louisiana.

What I also find is highly disturbing is our treatment protocol. I truly believe our protocol is killing our Covid patients. When I ask other nurses their thoughts, they agree. At this point, doctors will admit our main treatment is not working "but it's all we have." We know that's simply not true. It's just what the CDC will allow us to give; our hands are tied.

Her Appeal for Righteousness

I'm asking you to please ponder this. "What side of history will you be on?" I have to know this madness has to stop.

Everyone who hears her testimony and agrees with nurse Martin has an obligation to speak the truth and to stand up to what's going on. If not, innocent children will continue to suffer and die from the jab.

Which side of history will you choose to be on? Those who did something, or those who did nothing?