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Detoxifying from the Covid Shot (and the propaganda).

Detoxifying from the Covid Shot (and the propaganda).

Recently, Pfizer's CEO Albert Bourla came out in support of annual Covid shots instead of boosters.

"What I'm hoping [is] that we will have a vaccine that you will have to do once a year...once a year — it is easier to convince people to do it. It is easier for people to remember," he continued. "So from a public health perspective, it is an ideal situation."
Pfizer CEO says frequent boosters ‘not a good scenario,’ hopes for yearly vaccine
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on Saturday said people getting COVID-19 booster shots every four to five months is “not a good scenario” and argued that an annual vaccine would be a better approach to fighting the virus.

What Mr. Bourla also neglected to say is that from Pfizer's perspective, it's an ideal situation as they stand to continue making billions of dollars in net profits as they've made in the past year.

This is from the same guy who admitted that the data that was used to study the Omicron virus was not obtained from a "real virus" but by a "pseudovirus" that they constructed in their lab. So what happened to the real Omicron virus Albert? Was the "real virus" too hard to find out there despite generating fear that it was a spreading contagion? If it was so infectious and therefore presumably easy to detect in the population, why did Pfizer have to resort to a "pseudovirus" that was built in their lab in order to study it?

And this, from the same guy who said he didn't get the shot. So everyone was urged to vaccinate but Albert exempted himself. Way to go Albert!

Based on the above, and all the negative side effects associated with the jab as detailed throughout this blog, you may be having second thoughts about this whole vaccine thing. If you've already been vaccinated and "boostered" but are having second thoughts about what you've put into your body and don't look forward to getting an annual jab, perhaps you are now considering detoxifying from it. This is not medical advice and is strictly for information purposes only. It's incumbent upon you to do your own research and determine if any, the best course of action for yourself.