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Step By Step; Inch By Inch

Step By Step; Inch By Inch

Moe better watch out where he sticks his fingers or he might catch Covid! I regularly watched The Three Stooges as a kid. Wholesome entertainment but with today's cancel culture this comedy skit could very well be deemed "too violent."

The Real Cancel Culture: The New World Order

Free speech has been canceled. People no longer have the right to gather together and peacefully protest. The protests of the truckers in Canada resulted in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau instituting martial law despite the protest being peaceful. He cited the threat to Canada's economic security as being a reason, all the while ignoring that his strict government mandates have already forced many businesses to close, with many people losing their jobs due to closure or declining to be vaccinated. Canada under Trudeau's watch is becoming a communist country, which is not surprising since Trudeau has admitted in the past to being an admirer of communism.

The New World Order: A Two-Tiered Society

We have quickly morphed into a two-tiered society consisting of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated with the vaccinated being marginalized from the rest of society. The goal of the NWO, or Mystery Babylon as described in the Bible is to enforce compliance upon every single living person, young or old. Any protest against the official narrative is quashed and any expressed support for the right to protest is canceled by leftist threats of violence against those who dare speak out. Such is the case with Canadian restaurant owner Stella Luna who threw her support behind the peaceful Canadian trucker protest but was quickly met by threats of intimidation and violence.

Canadian ‘Stella Luna’ Café Forced to Close After Owner Endures Terror Threats for Supporting Trucker Freedom Convoy - Big League Politics
The cafe owner was doxxed and terrorized by left-wing thugs.

If you think that these things only happen in Canada, watch what happens when you attempt to fly the friendly skies. Your right to free speech and to travel are incompatible nowadays. Be warned that you won't even be able to get off the ground as they will escort you off the plane instead.

This man was forced to deplane from an Allegiant Airlines flight simply because he wore a mask expressing his free speech. The speech Nazis are alive and well! Looks like Allegiant Airlines ought to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, particularly the part where it says "freedom and justice for all." Or perhaps more likely, they're already pledging their allegiance to the NWO.

Ideally, what should have happened is that before leaving the plane, this man could have voiced to his fellow passengers the reason for his forced exit. And then all the passengers subsequently choose to voluntarily disembark from the flight in a unified show of support for his right to freedom of speech. Of course, that won't happen as people much prefer to mind their own business and not inconvenience themselves. Just ask yourself, what would you do if you were his fellow passenger? Would you remain comfortably ensconced in your seat or would you get out of your seat, exit the plane, and inconvenience yourself by booking and paying change fees for another flight? The moral of this story is this:

If people don't lift a finger to do anything now, people won't have the freedom to do anything in the future.

Pretty soon, all free speech will be outlawed as no dissension of any kind will be tolerated in the NWO. Step by step, inch by inch, the free world is in danger of losing all of its freedoms. They are already telegraphing what they want to do. In China for example, (Trudeau's model country) effective March 1st, any kind of religious expression on the internet will have to first be submitted to the Communist Chinese government for approval. If religious events on the internet (all words, images, videos relating to religion are regarded as religious events) are not preapproved by the Chinese authorities, telecommunication companies that provide internet services can shut down one's internet service and the offender will be categorized as someone with no social credit score.

If you think that only happens under communist regimes such as in China, you're mistaken. It could be coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Get your popcorn ready.

Like Communist China, YouTube is infamous for censoring content they don't agree with. The solution according to its CEO, Susan Wojcicki is for governments to pass laws regulating what can be expressed online so that Youtube can essentially have the legal backing and permission to censor content on its channels. How nice of governments and Youtube to work together! Kind of reminds me of the old Soviet Union and Pravda.

“What has been the controversial part is when there is content that would be deemed as harmful but yet is not illegal,” Wojcicki said. “An example of that, for example, would be COVID. I’m not aware of there being laws by governments saying around COVID in terms of not being able to debate the efficacy of masks or where the virus came from or the right treatment or proposal, but yet there was a lot of pressure and concern about us distributing misinformation that went against what was the standard and accepted medical knowledge. And so this category of harmful but…legal has been, I think, where most of the discussion has been.”
YouTube CEO URGES governments to outlaw ‘harmful’ speech
Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, has acknowledged that the platform’s policy of censoring legal content that it deems to be “harmful” is controversial and urged governments to step in and pass stronger speech laws.She made terrifying comments about censorship during an interview with TIDETVhambur…

What YouTube Wants, Youtube Gets

A bill being drafted in the UK if passed, will give the government the authority to ban any content on the internet that the government deems “hateful” or containing “misinformation.” This bill would give the technocrats such as YouTube the license to ban any information regarding Covid-19 and the deleterious effects of the vaccine that they don't want people to be aware of.

Tech companies will be forced, under the new rules, to actively look for such content rather than waiting for it to be flagged by users. The government of the U.K. has also added three new criminal offenses to deal with internet “trolls.”
Spreading Covid-19 disinformation would also be covered under a crime of sending a false communication.