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A Dummies Guide to All Things COVID

A Dummies Guide to All Things COVID

You're not a dummy but those in positions of authority and power want you and everyone else on this planet to be ignorant of what's really going on. This video provides a short and simple explanation of covid-19, the ineffectiveness and risks of mask-wearing, the mRNA vaccine, its adverse side effects, variants, flawed and inaccurate covid testing, etc., without using medical jargon and getting overly technical. This interview is an excellent primer for those who are unaware and have never been exposed to any information that contradicts the official narrative espoused by governments, the medical establishment, and the news media. Pass it on to your family and friends who have not been exposed to this critical information so that they can make truly informed decisions for themselves.

Not surprisingly, YouTube censored the above video since they have a penchant for controlling free speech. However, it's available on the odysee platform. Since his interview, Dr. Harding has now encountered problems with finding work at the hospital that employs him. Those in control do not look kindly upon truth-tellers and the retribution is swift.

Lions and Friends.. Dr. Harding Update.
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Other Witnesses Speak

Every matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses. 2nd Corinthians 13:1

If you're not quite convinced, consider these additional corroborating testimonies.

For those requiring a more technical explanation: