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The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room

In case you haven't noticed and bothered to ask the obvious question which is: Since the jab does not prevent anyone from getting Covid-19 and transmitting it to others, why should anyone be required to get vaccinated?

Back in August 2021, CDC Director Rochelle Walesky admitted that the jab does not prevent someone from getting COVID; nor does it prevent someone from spreading it to others. She stated that the shot only prevents one from getting sicker or perhaps dying. Moreover, a booster is now recommended. So much for her statement regarding the vaccine's efficacy. Since being vaccinated or not has no bearing on the risk of either acquiring covid-19 or transmitting it, the exhortation for everyone to vaccinate is no longer a public health issue. Rather, it remains strictly a matter of choice as to whether an individual thinks that the shot would be of personal benefit or not.

Why Then Are People Being Forced to Get Vaccinated?

Despite this, President Biden issued his vaccine mandate. It should be fairly obvious by now that the public's health and safety were never at stake. Depopulation via vaccination is the hidden agenda. No exceptions are allowed as everyone including pregnant mothers and children are subject to the toxic effects of the jab.

Satire has a way of exposing the weakness and deception of the "all must vaccinate" narrative:

The Elephant that the Mainstream Media Refuses to Acknowledge

Warning: On a much more serious note, segments of this video are difficult to watch. The media are complicit by not reporting on any risks or side effects that contradict the official narrative, thus depriving the general public of making an informed decision for themselves.

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No One Escapes the Jab

Australia has served as the great social experiment to rob people of their constitutional freedoms under the guise of public health mandates. Forced vaccinations and removing aboriginal people from their homes against their will simply due to "close contacts" paves the way for genocide. Despite the outcry, the mainstream news media remains silent.

Australia: Aboriginals Force Vaccinated In NT
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Aboriginals Taken TO Quarantine Camps and FORCED JABS? #Australia Hugo Talks #lockdown
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What is happening in Australia should be alarming to everyone. Basically, an ethnic group is being targeted for cleansing. Yet the average person is unaware of what's going on due to crickets from the news media. Tolerance for the removal of freedoms for some people invariably results in totalitarianism and the removal of freedoms for all people. Who will be next? Even if you're already vaccinated, will a booster be required of you to be considered "fully vaccinated?" What if you refuse? When (not if) the next variant appears, if you refuse then, what will happen to you? Ultimately, no one is safe unless the elephant in the room is exposed for all to see.