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Why Most Doctors Keep Silent

Why Most Doctors Keep Silent

If you want to find out information regarding all things Covid-19 and the vaccines but primarily rely on your physician to inform you accordingly, you may want to rethink your approach. The entire medical system in America is governed by state medical boards that enforce medical standards and protocols. Practitioners, licensed to practice medicine are bound to follow these standards and deviating from the norms of practice may result in censure and even the loss of license to practice medicine. Such is the case with Dr. Meryl Nass, whose license to practice medicine in the state of Maine was suspended due to her unfavorable opinion of vaccination with the mRNA injection and the successful treatment of her patients using ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine instead. Despite the successful treatment of her patients, which is all the empirical evidence that is required to determine whether a treatment should be used or not, Dr. Nass is now facing the loss of her medical license simply for not being in favor of the covid vaccines.

Your doctor may be aware of these alternative methods in treating Covid-19 and may not even believe in the vaccine itself, but if so, why would your doctor risk losing his/her career and license to practice by speaking out? Thus, the ball is in your court to do your due diligence and not place all of your trust in your family doctor as your physician is being constrained by the medical board to only dispense the kind of information that they alone deem fit, irrespective of successful alternative covid treatments.

Medical Boards Are Medical Tyrants

Anti Vax US Doctors Will Be Targeted And Rounded Up By The Biden Regime
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And how about this doctor on Maui who is being reviewed by the state medical board for spreading "misinformation." Dr. Kirk Miloan, a pediatric cardiologist who is also a church pastor, is having his medical license reviewed for giving his professional opinion on how to deal with covid-19. In the age of COVID, the Hawaii medical board does not approve of doctors sharing their medical expertise with their own patients, much less with the general public. Medical totalitarianism reigns. Everyone must bow down and bend the knee – or else.

A pediatric anesthesiologist recently told him: "'Kirk, what in the world are you doing? They are going to destroy you. Because I agree with what you're saying but I'm going to work one more year, pay off my house, and then retire because I don't want to be a part of this medicine anymore.'"
An increasing number of doctors are saying similar things, Milhoan told CP.
"'I'm done with this totalitarian stuff,'" they tell him privately, he said, noting how they're afraid to even discuss certain topics.
Doctor warns of medical totalitarianism after license put under review following podcast
A Hawaiian pastor whose medical license is now under review after having a critical discussion about COVID-19 vaccines and other therapeutic options on a local podcast has raised concerns about medical totalitarianism.

Where's Marcus Welby When You Need Him?

If you're old enough to remember this TV show, you know what I mean. We are in dire need of more Dr. Welby's in the world today.

One such doctor is Dr. John Witcher who rescued a man AMA (against medical advice) from a hospital that refused to provide the medical treatment he desired. The hospital even refused to provide food and hydrating liquids for him thus necessitating his and his wife's plea to this doctor to assist in removing him from the hospital and return him to his own home.