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An Absence of Common Sense

An Absence of Common Sense
Photo by Kyle Glenn / Unsplash

Who's telling the truth? Whom do you believe? Do you prefer to trust the pharmaceutical giants who have a huge financial interest in getting you vaccinated and worse yet, cannot be sued if their vaccine causes damage to your body?  

Or, do you trust your government officials, inherently believing that they have your best interests in mind? Bear in mind that history is replete with examples of governments failing to protect the health, safety and well-being of their citizens. In some cases, the government was directly responsible for causing injury and death to their citizens. Perhaps the most notorious being the Tuskegee experiment begun in 1932 by the U.S. government which continued for another 40 years. In this study, 399 African Americans who had latent syphilis and another 201 who were the control group were studied to discover the full progression of the disease over the course of their lives without being effectively treated for it. Although these men at the time could have been given penicillin, they instead received ineffective treatments such as aspirin and mineral supplements. As this historical example demonstrates, trusting one's government is not always the best course of action.

Or, do you give more weight to someone who has no conflict of interest in what you do, or don't do? Dr. Tess Lawrie is a doctor, researcher, and consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO). She does consultancy work for non-profit agencies and has no ties to the corporate world thus freeing her from potential conflicts of interest. In this video interview, she critiques the Covid vaccine and decries the nonuse of alternative treatments such as Ivermectin.

"It's clear; if you have an effective treatment, you don't need a vaccine."