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What's in the Vaccine??

What's in the Vaccine??
Photo by Daniel Schludi / Unsplash

Vaccine development normally takes many years before the final product is ready to bring to market. Yet, we are told that this particular vaccine is safe and effective despite the complete omission of animals studies and long-term human studies, not yet completed. Moreover, the vaccine manufacturers by Federal law, are immune from lawsuits and do not pay out of their own pockets should people suffer any adverse effects as a result of taking their vaccines. These facts alone should at least arouse a modicum of skepticism and doubt.

The following videos are hard to believe because we do not want to entertain even the remote possibility that they might be true. It's like watching something out of a horror, sci-fi movie. At the movie theater, you have the assurance of knowing that what you're viewing is just make-believe. The following videos don't provide any such assurance. At least you have been informed. Now judge for yourself.  

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