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If They Can't Jab You, They'll Feed You

If They Can't Jab You, They'll Feed You
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

An mRNA vaccine produced in the foods that you eat? Science fiction right? Maybe not. If you refuse the jab because you are wary of what the vaccine contains, no problem as they will just grow it in the foods that you may one day consume. They'll try to get it into you, one way or another. Maybe it's time to start growing your own food.

Mad Science: Researchers Now Putting COVID mRNA Vaccines Into Vegetables To Vaccinate The Unvaccinated
Researchers are reportedly now experimenting with the idea of placing mRNA vaccines in lettuce and other agricultural crops.

Why the never-ending agenda to put unknown substances in your body?

The mRNA vaccines are gene therapy as admitted to by a Bayer Pharmaceutical executive himself (see video segment below). As such, the injections fundamentally change the way in which our bodies operate. The mRNA jab alters your natural DNA to create a synthetic DNA molecule that essentially changes your genome. The patent holders of this genome change, i.e., the vaccine manufacturers now possess the intellectual property rights over those vaccinated people whom they have now genetically modified. To put it simply, like a genetically modified tomato, an mRNA-vaccinated person is the chattel property of Pfizer or Moderna. A natural human being who is genetically modified via the mRNA vaccination is now patented as a modified or transhuman being. Their agenda is to control you by giving them the legal right to own your body and your life. This is beyond Orwellian!




2: an enslaved person held as the legal property of another