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How An mRNA Jab Works and What It Does

How An mRNA Jab Works and What It Does

A Clear and Present Danger

Dr. Charles Hoffe gives a clear and detailed explanation of what the mRNA vaccine is and what it does to the human body. Dr. Hoffe is a Canadian doctor who has practiced medicine in the small, rural town of Lytton, British Columbia where his patients consist mostly of indigenous, First Nations people. He began seeing adverse side effects after administering the Moderna vaccine to his patients and reported his concerns to his superiors but was rebuked and accused of promoting "vaccine hesitancy." He was gagged under the threat of reporting him to the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons. Despite this threat, he continued to speak out and subsequently was no longer allowed to work in the ER department of St. Bartholomew’s Health Centre due to his views on the injection. He is still able to work in his private practice but his income is slashed by half, which he explained is “the price of advocating for the safety of my patients.”

Dr. Charles Hoffe reports capillary blockage in 62% of his patients after receiving the jab

Confirmation By Another ER Doctor

Dr. Rochagné Kilian was an ER doctor at Grey Bruce Health Services where she also became aware of elevated D-dimer levels in patients admitted to that emergency department. She also voiced her concerns and raised questions about her observations but was ignored so she resigned from her position due to her concerns that the Ontario health system and Grey Bruce Health Services crossed ethical lines throughout the pandemic.

If I remain silent now, I'm either complicit in this, or just not brave enough to stand up against it.