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The Proof is in the Pudding

The Proof is in the Pudding

Despite the high number of injuries and deaths reported after people have been vaccinated with the Covid-19 jab, silence and non-disclosure policies remain in effect by the news media and your local pharmacy. We're told that we have the right to be fully informed regarding the vaccine prior to consenting to the jab, but is that really the case? How many of us take the time to read the fine print? Instead, we usually rely on the pharmacist. After all, he/she should know whether it's safe or not, right? And the pharmacist wouldn't administer an invasive procedure that carries with it a potentially high risk to one's health and safety, right? As you can see, there are a lot of assumptions being made here – assumptions that we probably shouldn't take for granted, particularly when it involves matters regarding our own health. The video below highlights the risks when we don't ask enough questions and by default trust authority figures to make decisions for us.

The one that's given to patients doesn't contain that information...the package insert given to patients isn't the full information.
I should not be giving these vaccines at all....Right now I'm feeling totally inadequate as a pharmacist and ready to turn in my license... And based on what you're saying, I can no longer advocate for these vaccines.

Notice here that even the vaccine package insert provided specifically to the pharmacist (not the general public) is left blank. He's surprised to discover that omission and attempts to go to his computer in order to retrieve that information. Why would the vaccine manufacturer leave the package insert blank? The answer is simple enough. Transparency is not the objective and the more difficult the vaccine manufacturers make it to find the relevant information, the less effort people (including pharmacists) will make in trying to obtain that information for themselves. The pharmacist shown here was flustered and demonstrably uncomfortable with the questions being asked of him, however, I give him credit for at least being honest and transparent despite his internal conflicts.

Hide and Seek

"We're Not Commenting on that"

Even when a death occurs within just a few minutes after receiving the jab at the pharmacy, such incidents are never disclosed to the general public. Instead, such news is hushed up by the corporate headquarters as exemplified in the embedded video contained in this article. And even when a death is acknowledged, it's emphasized that there's no causal or even a correlational relationship between just after having received the jab and the person's sudden and unexpected death. Instead, the message that continues to be promoted is, just move on folks; nothing to see here; the vaccine is safe and effective – even when a person drops dead in the pharmacy just after receiving the jab.

Woman drops dead at pharmacy within 15 minutes of booster shot
A Canadian woman who died within 15 minutes of receiving a COVID-19 booster shot was in good health, according to her daughter, who blames the vaccine. Carol Pearce was in a text exchange with her daughter, Stephanie Foster, when she went to a Shoppers Drug Mart in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on Sept. 1…

No Formal Autopsies Done, but the Embalmers Know

Nearly all states call for an autopsy when someone dies in a suspicious, unusual, or unnatural way. Many states have an autopsy done when a person dies without a doctor present. Twenty-seven states require it if the cause of death is suspected to be from a public health threat. However, no such threat is associated with being jabbed with the Covid-19 shot and as such, no autopsy is conducted unless requested.  

Why isn't this information widely disseminated? The postmortem proof in the pudding – see and judge for yourself.

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