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Shouldn't This Outrage You?

Shouldn't This Outrage You?
“I’m worried that we are living through the greatest propaganda campaign in human history,” Nagase said when asked why he believes there is such conflicting information around the pandemic

If you have drunk the Kool-aide thinking that the Covid vaccine is the only flavor available, you might want to reevaluate your taste buds after watching this video. There are a few brave doctors who will do anything to prevent their patients from getting sicker and dying. There are other doctors/administrators who only follow policy and impose their authoritarian rule upon these brave souls – irrespective of patient outcome. This is the story of what happened to one such doctor in Canada who found out the hard way that saving lives doesn't matter; the only thing that matters is sticking to the official policy.

That is what happens when doctors refuse to play along with the rules of the game in order to save human lives.

Nagase has been banned from hospital practice in all AHS facilities, but is still able to practice if he opened his own office. However, Nagase said as of Monday, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta has asked him to voluntarily withdraw his licence.
“And usually when they demand you voluntarily withdraw your licence, it’s because they are leading up to involuntary revocation of your license,” he said.
Banned Doctor: COVID Is “The Greatest Propaganda Campaign In Human History” (Video) - The Washington Standard
A Canadian doctor, who was banned from working in the Alberta hospitals because he provided his patients with unapproved treatments for what is being called COVID-19. However, he has spoken out on what is going on and he believes we are witnessing a “pandemic caused by vaccination. Keep in mind ...

But now – the silver lining is the word is getting out.