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The Nurses Reveal...

The Nurses Reveal...
Photo by Mick Haupt / Unsplash

These 3 Canadian nurses are facing termination or have already been terminated from their jobs because they refused to be vaccinated with the mRNA jab. They witnessed vaccinated people being admitted into the hospitals in which they worked with serious health problems causing them to question the safety of the mRNA jab. Based on their firsthand observations, they no longer want to work in a health care system that they consider to be fraudulent and have instead opted to quit their jobs and perhaps even abandon their nursing careers. Their testimonies and stated convictions are worth listening to.

It's absolutely stunning that this is going on...we're in a sci-fi horror movie.
It came down to ethically, I just couldn't get up and do this every day. I couldn't give a jab to a whole pile of people that I wasn't even willing to take for myself knowing what it was doing to people.