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Detoxifying From the Jab

Detoxifying From the Jab
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The mRNA injection (which is not a vaccine) contains a code instructing the human body to turn its own cells into forming the covid-19 spiked proteins against which neutralizing antibodies are formed. This is different from a traditional vaccine such as the flu shot, which contains bits of a dead or weakened virus which when introduced into your body via a vaccination, produces an immune response that subsequently protects the individual from acquiring the actual disease. The flu vaccine does not instruct the cells in your body to turn into a strain of the flu. That is why the mRNA Covid shots were only authorized to be produced under EUA (emergency use authorization) as they are by definition not vaccines in the traditional sense of the word and have never been used on humans before.

However, taking the experimental jab produces problems of its own including inflammation and oxidative stress which can result in a host of adverse side effects including vascular damage, blood clots and myocarditis. If you have taken the jab and are concerned that you may have impaired your health in doing so, this is information (not dispensing medical advice) that you may want to be aware of so you can be proactive in deciding what's the best course of action for you.

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